21 March 2006

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Moving your WordPress Comments to a New Site

I just figured this out for a friend.

Some templates don’t have an RSS feed. Just switch your theme temporarily to Regulus 2

( Presentation>Themes) . That template has it as a menu option on the right side bar. But I also think it installs the files needed to use the straight links I describe below.

So for example. I just moved all the posts from:
http://blueutah.wordpress.com/ to http://www.utahblue.info/

In your adminstration panel of the source blog:
Option>Reading – Set Syndication Feeds to as many posts you want to dump. You can choose full text or summary.

Load your feed page http://blueutah.wordpress.com/feed/
At least in Mozilla, a new page comes up that starts with it comes up in a browser window. The first two lines of the page are:

Save that page. File>Save As…Choose File type “WebPage MXL”

If the page doesn’t appear, change the theme as explained above to one that does have an RSS feature like Regulus 2

Now. Go to your new hosted website
In my case To http://www.utahblue.info/

Go into your admin panel http://www.utahblue.info/wp-admin/

Do Import – and click Import from RSS Feeds. You should get something like: (it may take awhile)

· Importing post…Done !
· Importing post…Done !
· Importing post…Post already imported
· Importing post…Post already imported

You can also import comments by doing the same routine
Load your feed page http://blueutah.wordpress.com/comments/feed/

But when you import it from Options-Reading Options as I explained above, it imports them as posts.

The following does another dump. I’m not sure what that’s for.

Compliments of cliff at www.OneUtah.org

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